Category 5 suspension for Amber Rayne

amber rayne hogtedHogtied members know what a category 5 suspension is. Amber Rayne is back and she just did a category 5 shoot. 4 out of 5 ties were worthy of the prestigious Category 5 label. Not only is Amber tough, sexy and beautiful but she also has some of the most intense forced orgasms we have ever seen. There are some brutal, punishing and unique ties in this update. Add on the forced orgasms and the sexy shaved pussy of Amber Rayne and we have a Hogtied classic.

amber rayne hogtiedamber rayne hogtiedamber rayne hogtied
Additional photo gallery included ;)

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One Response to Category 5 suspension for Amber Rayne

  1. Why you poor thing! I saw that, all tied all up and humiliated and punished. A man could just….cry! HEY! I know what you need….POSITIVITY! That’s all you need. I’m sure you will feel much better now. Now listen to Me…I’ve got a great flogger, awsome gloves, a boat load of candle, My pin wheel, many, many ropes, the bull whip, a few cacti, clamps, clamps, clamps and more clamps! Beyond these toys, I’m sure I could throw you into an oven or just make you run a few miles naked in the streets and I’ll scream bloody maniacle laughter around you….you’ll feel much better now! Can’t you tell? There…now I’ve got your POSITIVITY!

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