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Ivy comes back to be dominated by Cowgirl. Tied to a cold steel rack, she receives the cane vs. the vibrator treatment.

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Paige Richards receives a stern lesson from Cowgirl on how to stop smoking. She is also used as a human punching bag!

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Cowgirl makes Adrianna play a painful tit torture game and fucks her aggressively with a strapon.

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Dusty takes Cowgirl’s cane which leaves some mean welts. Then is fucked in the ass with a strap-on and tied to a sybian for some forced orgasm torture.

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Cowgirl gives the bratty Summer Cummings a lesson she will never forget.

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Cowgirl is taken out to the countryside for some more outdoors bondage. First she is wrestled and bound to a convenient tree, then she is made to pull me around the garden several times on a cart. She also gets … Continue reading

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Chanta-Rose gets her paybacks on Cowgirl. There is plenty of punishment, humiliation, and orgasms in this erotic scene.

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Summer Cummings makes her debut at Whippedass dominating Cowgirl and Kendra. This turned out to be a very entertaining and erotic 3 girl scene with great strap-on humiliation.

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Cowgirl uses many different workout techniques on Kat. Hard caning and flogging along with a good fucking by the Fuksall and some magic wand play drove this workout to an inevitable orgasm.

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This update is dedicated to the comic genuis Benny Hill. (Benny Hill fans will see why.) Cowgirl is strapped to a human powered fucking machine. She must pedal to avoid being whipped. Meanwhile Rose gets fucked as Cowgirl pedals. After … Continue reading

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Cowgirl punishes and rewards Chanta-Rose in this highly erotic session with two beautiful ladies.

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Cowgirl is taken to the headlands and given ‘fog torture’. She dragged me up a hill on a cart and then was tied for all to see. The freezing fog was a novel form of torture. This is an interim … Continue reading

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Cowgirl gets some interesting ‘wall ties’. At one point she is left with her arms spread wide, having to push against a ‘comfortable’ ankle tie in order to relieve the pressure on her arms.

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