Dia Zerva takes tortures requested by on-line perverted viewers

We are proud to present you our version of Independence Day celebration. One of the toughest and sexiest pain sluts Dia Zerva is locked in a cage wearing a patriotic dress. She is looking amazing, but there are some accessories that can beautify her – a pair of clover clamps on her pretty nipples are surely come in handy and make Dia take her first taste of pain in his shooting. As soon as she takes her first torture, the other comes right away. The show is streamed live and more sadistic requests come to push this sexy slut through her paces. Dia Zerva receives a leather hood and has rows of clamps on her stunning body. Her lovely clit is exposed to torturous activities and vibrating, but it is not her only area that has to be punished – Dia Zerva has her amazing breasts caned, her ass stuffed and hammered and all together it makes her sing the pain on the top of her lungs.

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